In Memory Of The Mighty Men Of Mymms

When the headmaster of Welham Green Boys' School, Benjamin Mallett, heard that many of his former pupils had died during the 1914-1918 Great War, he honoured them with the title the Mighty Men of Mymms. 100 years later their stories are told.

Roll of Honour

The North Mymms Roll of Honour 1914-1919

The cover of the Roll of Honour from a scan by Mike Allen

In July 1919, Benjamin Mallett, school master of Welham Green Boys School published a Roll of Honour to record the names of those from the parish of North Mymms who had served in WWI. The book included the names of those who had died and those who survived.

The book is reproduced here in PDF form. The following is the introduction Mr Mallet wrote in the book.

"What did North Mymms do in the Great War?" This question may be asked by our children’s children. The pages of this book will supply the answer. It is a Record of which the Parish may feel justly proud. A copy should be found in every home, to be preserved and handed on to succeeding generations.
The men of North Mymms heard the cry of their country. They realized the peril. They threw aside home-ties, pleasures, work, and play, and nobly answered the call. Two hundred and sixty-eight men willingly offered themselves. They risked their lives for their country. They endured unspeakable sufferings: wounds, torture, hunger, thirst. Forty-six laid down their lives. All honour to them. Their names should be preserved throughout all time.
The compiling of this Record has been a labour of love. One hundred and sixty-two of these men were taught in the Welham Green School, and the writer is proud to claim them as his Old Scholars.
While rejoicing at the Peace which has been secured, let us not forget that it has been purchased by the Service, the Suffering, and the Sacrifice of our noble boys.
God bless them, every one! 
B. Mallett
North Mymms
19th July, 1919

Editor's Note: There were two Rolls of Honour, one in memory of those who died, the other to all who served.

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